A month ago I left my six figure job for the sweet *sweet* security of being a self employed artist. 

Lets rewind… 

Hi! My name is Sorcha and I have always been an artist. I went to school for design and turned into an industrial designer > handbag designer > pet product designer. While I loved wearing all of these different hats, none of them truly made me happy. Six months ago I was sitting at my office job doing work I knew would go in circles. To kill time I googled “how to get through a job you hate” and through the magic of the internet I discovered this truth: “Inauthenticity is at the core of most people's frustration with their work…” Thank you [Natasha Stanley] Wow did this hit the nail right on the head, and with this little nugget of wisdom I decided to leave my job and do something true to myself.

Flash forward, its mid December and I have just submitted my entry for the Blueprint Show 2019 Competition, where the winner will receive a free booth at the trade show in New York this May. Will I win, that would be nice.., dear Universe, just putting it out there... it would be pretty cool. Either way, a trade show is my goal. This year I will show at my first print show ever. (Queue Rocky theme song, or any Beyonce song) What does that entail you ask? To start, around 500 unique patterns. If this makes you shudder you are not alone. It is a daunting task, but I am 100% thrilled to do it. 

Its going to be a scary year, full of lots of new challenges, one of them being the financial hurdle of living in the most expensive city in the United States while trying to make it in art. Daunting indeed. I’m also going to need to learn extreme self discipline, time management, business 101, how to not lose my mind at home all day, among many other things. Is is scary? Yes. Yes it is. Will I do it? Stay tuned and follow my journey from print 1 to 500!